Organizational vision

Action For Development has a vision of Ethiopia where:

Poverty is eradicated, and the people lead a dignified life in an enabling social and natural environment.

Organizational mission

AFD is a learning organization which, in partnership with other development actors, complements the self-development initiatives of pastoral and other vulnerable rural communities in Ethiopia through undertaking programmes pertaining to resilient livelihoods, water and natural resource development, capacity development for inclusive basic services, with the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation, gender, HIV/AIDS, and other issues of concern.

Organizational values

  • People centeredness
  • Transparency
  • All-rounded accountability
  • Respect for indigenous knowledge and capacities
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Equity and pluralism
  • Partnership with stakeholders
  • Learning

Organizational aims

The overall goal of AFD is to enhance the attainment of food security and sustainable livelihoods at the grassroots level.  In line with this, the organization strives to:

  • Realize resilient and sustainable community livelihoods;
  • Enhance the sustainable utilization of natural resources;
  • Enhance access to quality basic services;
  • Enhance community engagement in development endeavors.